The Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware represents the citizens of a Lenape Tribal Community concentrated in central Kent County, Delaware.

Our mission is to protect the cultural identity of the Lenape people of Delaware through educational, social and cultural programs and to promote the physical and economic health of our citizens through specialized health and economic development programs tailored to our needs. We also advocate for the civil and human rights of our community and our citizens.

- Principal Chief, Dennis J. Coker
Nanticoke Powwow Chief Gould, Chief Coker & Chief Daisey 2015

The Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware

The Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware formed a constitutional Tribal Government in March, 2010. We are a member of the Confederation of Sovereign Nentego-Lenape Tribes, which is an intertribal union between our Tribe and the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indian Tribe (headquartered in Bridgeton, New Jersey) with which we are historically and genealogically interrelated.

Our Tribal Constitution provides a structure for a Sovereign Tribal Government and is the acknowledged standard at the national level. 

The Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware was also granted State Designated Tribal Area status for the purpose of the Federal 2010 US Census. 

Lenape Homecoming- Heritage Day on The Green in Dover 2015